Fenobarbitaali, eräs edelleen Suomessakin käytössä oleva barbituraatti. Pentobromital-lääkepakkaus. Bentsyylibutyylibarbitaali on harvinainen esimerkki vasta 2000-luvulla kehitetystä barbituraatista Barbiturates are a class of drugs that were used extensively in the 1960s and 1970s as a treatment for anxiety, insomnia, and seizure disorders

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  1. 4) WebMD. «Toxicity, Barbiturate». eMedicine. 14) «Barbiturates». Archived from the original on 7 November 2007
  2. Home To All Barbiturates. Barbiturate Online Pharmacy. Shop Online. Why Barbiturate Pharmacy. Quality sealed by manufacturers, Largest Variety of Products..
  3. Table of Contents Dangers of Barbiturate Intoxication and Overdose Responding to a Barbiturate Overdos

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Define barbiturate. barbiturate synonyms, barbiturate pronunciation, barbiturate translation, English dictionary definition of barbiturate. n. Any of a group of barbituric acid.. Barbiturate, any of a class of organic compounds used in medicine as sedatives or hypnotics or as an adjunct in anesthesia Barbiturates, once commonly prescribed for anxiety and sleep disorders, can cause death even in small doses - and their abuse is on the rise among teens

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Learn all about the effects of barbiturates, a class of drugs used to relax and help people sleep. They are no longer prescribed in most cases for alcohol poisoning and migraine.. Barbiturate definition is - a salt or ester of barbituric acid. Examples of barbiturate in a Sentence. Recent Examples on the Web The Garland Zellweger plays is far from the.. Barbiturates (also known as barbs and barbies) are a class of psychoactive substances that act as Barbiturate. From PsychonautWiki. Jump to navigation Jump to search Learn information about barbiturates, including side effects, drug interactions, recommended dosages, and storage information barbituate (US, colloquial, nonstandard). See barbituric. IPA(key): /ˌbɑː(ɹ)ˈbɪtʃəɹɪt/, /ˌbɑː(ɹ)ˈbɪtʃəɹeɪt/, /ˌbɑɹbɪˈt(j)ʊəɹɪt/, /ˌbɑɹbɪˈt(j)ʊəɹeɪt/. (US, colloquial, nonstandard) IPA(key): /ˌbɑɹˈbɪtʃu.ɪt/, /ˌbɑɹˈbɪt(j)u.ɪt/

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  1. ative. barbituraatti. barbituraatit. accusative. nom. barbituraatti. barbituraatit
  2. Decline the Finnish noun barbituraatti in all forms and with usage examples. Barbituraatti inflection has never been easier
  3. Barbiturate, Nassau County, New York. 60K likes. Avant-Garde Death Metal from Long Island, New York. See more of Barbiturate on Facebook
  4. Barbiturates Definition Barbiturates are medicines that act on the central nervous system [1]. They cause drowsiness and can control seizures
  5. Barbiturates are a type of sedative medication. Because of the risks associated with them, they aren't prescribed as often as Barbiturates: Uses, Forms, Side Effects, and More

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Barbiturates are a class of drugs derived from barbituric acid that act as depressants to the central nervous system. Barbiturates Usage History and Side Effects Barbiturates are synthetic drugs used in medicine to depress the central nervous system. The effects range from mild sedation to coma and they may be used a sedatives.. Barbiturates are a group of drugs in the class of drugs known as sedative-hypnotics, which generally describes their sleep-inducing and anxiety-decreasing effects barbiturate [bɑ:ˈbɪtju:rɪt]Существительное. barbiturate / barbiturates Barbiturate definition, any of a group of barbituric acid derivatives, used in medicine as sedatives and hypnotics. British Dictionary definitions for barbiturate

Barbiturate definition: A barbiturate is a drug which people take to make them calm or to help them to sleep . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Barbiturate. Barbiturates are derivatives of barbituric acid and are synthesized by condensation of malonic acid derivatives with urea derivatives Barbiturates. Barbiturates are derivatives of barbituric acid. They can be used as hypnotics, sedatives, anticonvulsants and anesthetics, although they are probably most..

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Barbiturates are organic compounds derived from barbituric acid. They are used to treat to use and prevent convulsions and anxiety in addition to being used as a sleep aid. Common side effects are drowsiness, respiratory depression.. #benzodiazepine #benzodiazepine withdrawal #benzo withdrawal #phenobarbital #barbiturate #barbiturates #clonazepam #klonopin Barbiturates are synthetic substances manufactured as pharmaceutical products. Twelve barbiturates are under international control Barbiturates are some of the most addictive substance on earth. Although individuals of high These drugs are more commonly prescribed for anxiety

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Barbiturates has street names such as reds and yellows. 2.Kicking a barbiturates habbit is like nothing you kicked. With heroin, you vomit, your stomach cramps up, you.. barbiturate definition: The definition of a barbiturate is one of many addictive drugs mainly used to sedate people or to control seizures. (noun) Phenobarbital is an example of a.. barbituraatti. Толкование Перевод. barbituraatti. барбитурат. Suomi-venäjä sanakirja Translation for 'barbituraatti' in the free Finnish-English dictionary and many other English translations Barbiturate Arzneimittelgruppen Sedativa. Barbiturate sind Wirkstoffe mit beruhigenden, schlaffördernden und krampflösenden Eigenschaften, die vor allem in der..

A barbiturate[a] is a drug that acts as a central nervous system depressant and can therefore produce a wide range of effects, from mild sedation to death Barbiturates are a class of sedative drugs prescribed for anxiety and insomnia. Barbiturates were widely available on the street in the 1970s and '80s, though less so in..

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Barbiturate poisoning : By rxvich... by RxVichuZ 6301 views. Barbiturate by Christina 4414 views. Barbiturates by Khushboo Sharma 20433 views Последние твиты от Barbiturate (@Barbiturate666). Barbiturate is an avant-garde death metal band that formed in 2011, featuring Chuck Greenberg, Matt Scriva & Brett.. Synonyms for barbiturate in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for barbiturate. 27 words related to barbiturate: amobarbital, barbital, barbitone, diethylbarbituric acid.. What is the abbreviation for barbiturate, barbituric? What does BARB stand for? The list of acronyms and abbreviations related to Barb - barbiturate, barbituric Deutsch-Englisch-Übersetzung für: barbiturate. Wörterbuch Englisch ↔ Deutsch: barbiturate. Übersetzung 1 - 4 von 4

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  1. Alibaba.com offers 81 barbiturate drug products. About 97% of these are Pathological Analysis Equipments. A wide variety of barbiturate drug options are available to yo
  2. barbiturate - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. 'barbiturate' aparece también en las siguientes entradas: In the English descriptio
  3. Best Answer: Barbiturates are drugs that act as central nervous system depressants, and by virtue of this they produce a wide spectrum of effects, from mild sedation to anesthesia
  4. Barbiturates decrease activity of which receptors? If giving increasing doses of barbiturates, which is more likely to occur first: respiratory arrest or cardiac arrest
  5. Barbiturates are a class of sedative-hypnotic agents derived from barbituric acid or thiobarbituric acid and classified into long-, intermediate-, short-, and ultra..

A barbiturate is a drug that acts as a central nervous system depressant, and can therefore produce a wide range of effects, from mild sedation to death English Turkish online dictionary Tureng, translate words and terms with different pronunciation options. barbiturate yatıştırıcı barbiturate-induced coma barbiturat koması Barbiturates are usually swallowed but sometimes barbiturates are injected and this can be extremely dangerous. What are the immediate effects of taking barbiturates barbiturate. synonyms - similar meaning - 102

barbiturate (n.) 1.organic compound having powerful soporific effect; overdose can be fatal. definition of Wikipedia. synonyms - BARBITURATE. report a problem Saying barbiturate in Asian Languages. Saying barbiturate in Middle-Eastern Languages barbiturate that is a hygroscopic powder (trade name Pentothal) that is a strong barbiturate that acts rapidly; induces a relaxed state when injected as a general.. Barbiturates are typically used to treat anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and seizures. Barbiturates are a type of drug that depresses the central nervous system

barbiturate 어의, 의미, barbiturate의 의미: a powerful drug that makes people calm a Also, an overdose of barbiturates can severely depress the central nervous system and.. A barbiturate [a] is a drug that acts as a central nervous system depressant and can therefore produce a wide range of effects, from mild sedation to death Barbiturates are a class of drugs called central nervous system (CNS) depressants. When taken as prescribed, barbiturates help people with insomnia or with symptoms of anxiety The u/Mr_Barbiturate community on Reddit. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place

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Barbiturates cause severe addiction. What are the risks, effects, and symptoms of common barbiturates use? Read about prescription details and rehabs Find 130 synonyms for barbiturate and other similar words that you can use instead Need synonyms for barbiturate? Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that..

settings. help. log out. sign up. log in Barbiturate abuse can be deadly. Learn the signs and symptoms of abuse and addiction to these powerful sedatives. Barbiturate Abuse. Table of Contents Barbiturat Barbiturate sind Derivate der Barbitursäure, allerdings keine Salze oder Ester, wie der Name suggeriert. Die Substituenten sind allesamt mittels Barbiturate enzyme induction. Definition. Barbiturates (except for the less-soluble phenobarbital) are mainly metabolized by the liver into inactive, water-soluble compounds..

Barbiturates All derivatives of Barbituric acid Depressants of the central nervous system (CNS) that impair or reduce the activity of the brain by acting as a Gamma Amino Butyric.. No results found for barbiturate. Search tip Barbiturates. Barbiturates. What is it? Depressant drug used to help sleep, relieve anxiety and muscle spasms, prevent seizures

Barbiturate dependence develops with regular use of barbiturates. Management of barbiturate dependence involves considering the affected person's age, comorbidity and..

Barbiturate BARBITURATE воен. ист. барбака́н, навесна́я ба́шня. barbiturate. barbiturate (bɑ:ˊbɪtʃυrət) n

Барбитураты (Barbiturates) barbituraatti. Farmakologia, farmasia eräitä uni- ja rauhoituslääkkeitä. yks. nom. barbituraatti, yks. gen. barbituraatin, yks. part. barbituraattia, yks. ill. barbituraattiin, mon. gen. barbituraattien, mon. part.. Lääketieteen sanasto kertoo, mitä vierasperäiset lääketieteelliset termit ja lyhenteet tarkoittavat suomeksi. barbituraatti. epilepsialääkkeinä, unilääkkeinä ja nukutusaineina käytettyjä.. Kaikki sanat (anagrammit), jotka voivat koostua sanasta barbituraatti. Yhteensä voi tehdä 574 sanat niistä 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 kirjeet. Sanat 2 kirjeet, koostuu yhdistelmästä barbituraatti (31.. FI fi dictionary: barbituraatti. barbituraatti has 1 translations in 1 languages. translations of barbituraatti. FI EN English 1 translation. barbiturate (n) [derivative of barbituric acid that acts as a..

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  1. βαρβιτουρικό. barbitúrico. barbituraatti. barbiturique. barbituricobarbiturato
  2. What does barbituraatti mean in English? If you want to learn barbituraatti in English, you will find the translation here, along with other translations from Finnish to English
  3. barbituraatti (5-C). uni- ja rauhoittavissa lääkkeissä käytetty barbituurihaposta johdettu lääkeaine, jonka käyttöä on merkittävästi rajoitettu yliannostuksen aiheuttamien kuolemantapausten sekä korkean riippuvuuspotentiaalin vuoksi. barbituraatti Kielitoimiston sanakirjassa
  4. barbituraatti (Финский). Перевод
  5. en. RedFox on Suomen suurin sanakirja.. RedFox sanakirja - nopeasti puuttuva käännös

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  1. I was the editor for this film noir short film about mysterious murders in a small village
  2. Se on luonut barbitaattien väärinkäytön vähenemisen ja tiukemmat ohjeet, joiden mukaan barbituraatin käyttö on vähentänyt saatavuutta. Barbiturateista oli erityisen suosittuja 1900-luvun alkupuoliskolla
  3. Katso hakusanan 'barbituraatti' käännökset englanniksi. Sanakirja.fi:stä löydät suositut MOT Sanakirjat®
  4. Käännös sanalle barbituraatti suomesta englanniksi. Suomienglantisanakirja.fi on suomen ja englannin kääntämiseen keskittyvä ilmainen sanakirja

Barbituraatti toimii lisäämällä y-aminovoihapon (tai GABA: n) signaalia. GABA on aivojen pääasiallinen inhiboiva neurotransmitteri ja suorittaa sen toiminnot sitoutumalla sen reseptoreihin: GABA-A.. Vaata sõna barbituraatti tõlge soome-eesti. Sõnaraamat on mitmekülgne sõnaraamat internetis. Sõna barbituraatti tõlge soome-eesti suomisanakirja. barbituraatti. suomi-englanti sanakirja. barbituraatti englanniksi. barbiturate Ilmoita virheestä. - bulgaria englanti espanja esperanto hollanti italia japani kreikka latina latvia liettua norja portugali puola ranska ruotsi saksa suomi tanska turkki tšekki unkari venäjä viro. - bulgaria.. injektio ruiske ruiskutus addiktio himo riippuvuus amobarbitaali amylobarbitone anesthesia atomi perusosanen barbital barbituraatti ensisijainen fantastinen iso iso kirjain kapiteeli kohtalokas..

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